Crestview Homes – Yigal Kass


About Yigal Kass Builder & Crestview Homes

Yigal Kass was born into a family of home builders that have been in the profession for nearly 50 years. From early childhood, Yigal could be seen at various construction sites after school, weekends and summer days. From the start he manifested unusual interest in the design of the new homes he saw being built, so with the guidance of his parents, he learned to read and understand blueprints. By the age of thirteen Yigal was participating actively in the development and design of several of the new homes that his parents were building. 

As a young adult, Yigal worked for many years in his family’s construction business where he participated in all aspects of the profession. These included construction supervision, project development and design, administration and finance. In 1996, Yigal established Crestview Homes with the goal of exploring and employing new trends and technological advances in residential construction. As CEO of Crestview Homes, LLC, Yigal has built extensively in Bellaire, West University Place, Piney Point, Tanglewood, Memorial Park, River Oaks, Montrose, the Museum District and Historic Westmoreland.

As a result of his dedication to fine home building Yigal Kass and Crestview Homes have gained recognition as one of Houston’s leading homebuilders. He is known for the high standards he employs and he is particularly noted for the superlative attention to detail he brings to each of his projects. Because of his unwavering commitment to excellence Yigal’s homes have garnered numerous awards.

Because he is passionate about architecture and houses in particular, Yigal consistently works to expand his mastery of various architectural styles and techniques, both historic and modern. As a result no two residences built by Yigal are identical. His homes are sophisticated, subtle and designed for today’s lifestyles. In recent years Yigal has expanded his focus to include the construction of homes that reflect the streamlined and minimal aesthetic of modern architecture. As a result, he has become a leader in Houston in this style which is noted for the precise craftsmanship and aesthetic understanding needed for the fulfillment of authentic modern design.

While Yigal places great emphasis on building unique homes he also makes it his top priority to deliver the highest quality product on time and in budget.